For Entrants

What is the "Entrants' Club"?

"Entrants Club" is a project of "Alte University" for those who plan to become students. The goal of the club is to help the entrants, across Georgia, in the process of socializing, choosing a profession and preparing for the national exams.

5 things you must know about the "Entrants' Club"

  1. 5600+ members in the "Entrants Club
  2. We met more than 1500 entrants in different cities of Georgia
  3. More than 50 visits to regions of Georgia
  4. More than 700 applicants for the unique concept camp and 50 selected participants

More than 60 meetings and workshops to facilitate the successful passing of national exams for entrants


What awaits you with us?

  • Professional orientation meetings
  • Preparation workshops for national exams
  • mock exams
  • Personal consultant service
  • Stress management trainings
  • Intelligent games
  • Cognitive projects
  • Educational competitions
  • Camps

In case of questions, write to us: a.club@alte.edu.ge