University at a glance

Alte University is a fully accredited higher education institution with 22 years of experience and history in the Georgian educational sphere, which unites about 2500 students from 32 countries at 4 schools: Business School, School of information technology, International School of Medicine, School of Law and Social Sciences.


The word ‘ALTE’ itself means altitude, highest point, and represents the way of constant development. We believe that the years spent at university is the beginning of the great way called EDUCATION. In our opinion university is not an educational institution that should only share the knowledge with their students. Moreover, it must push their students to be successful and to reach new goals.

Within this long-term period, Alte university will not be just another educational institution, but it will be life partner of its students and graduates to help them to find and to develop their unique skills, talents and possibilities that will make them exceptional.



At Alte University, our mission is to provide an exceptional learning and teaching environment that empowers individuals to unlock their full potential  and achieve more than they thought possible. 

We are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant academic community where knowledge is discovered and shared through rigorous research, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaborations. 

Recognizing the global nature of today’s challenges and opportunities, we foster cross-cultural understanding, facilitate international collaborations, and provide transformative experiences that prepare our educational community to thrive in a multicultural society. 

We believe in the transformative power of education to drive positive change in society and through partnerships and community engagement, we actively seek to address local, national, and global challenges.



By 2031, we will be recognized as one of the leading private universities in Georgia and the region, offering exceptional, future-proofed learning experiences underpinned by applied research on local and global challenges, transforming our students to work-ready global citizens and positively impacting our community, society, and the environment.



  • We strive for Excellence in maintaining high academic standards, encouraging research and innovation, and providing an exceptional learning experience for students.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork are integral to achieve our collective goals, foster innovation and deliver exceptional services.

  • Integrity guides our interactions, academic pursuits, and personal endeavors. We are deeply committed to upholding highest standards of honesty, trust, and ethical conduct in every aspect of our lives.

  • We are Agile to adapt and respond to emerging trends and be flexible, nimble, and proactive in our decision-making processes. 

  • We Innovate to drive progress, foster academic excellence, and achieve sustainable growth. 

  • We value Curiosity and encourage our staff to reflect on their work, identify areas for growth and improvement, and actively pursue personal and professional development.  

  • We are Open to explore new knowledge, exchange ideas and information, nurture personal and academic development.

  • We cultivate an atmosphere of Mutual respect, encouraging open-mindedness and active listening to understand different viewpoints and cultural practices.

  • We foster Equal, Diverse, and Inclusive community where every individual is respected and empowered.