Alte University


The main goal of the Center for Continuing Education and Career Growth is to promote employment for students and alumni.

Alte University cooperates with several companies, where students and graduates have the opportunity to take part in internships and then be employed in Georgia and abroad.

The center ensures the creation of an employer base, seminars, meetings, and employment forums for the employment students and graduates. Also, the center ensures to inform students/alumni about current events and possibilities in the labor market.

It is also important that the center helps students/graduates with their professional orientation, self-determination, setting priorities, and managing their careers properly.

based on labor market requirements, the Center for Continuing Education and Career Growth assists students in developing skills such as interviewing techniques, correctly writing a cover letter and resume, self-presentation to the employer, and so on.

The Center has continuous contact with the graduates and ensures the successful development of their careers.  

Development Program
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Development Program