Alte University


The Alte University Library is focused on creating a comfortable environment for its customers, tailored and adapted to their needs and interests, providing educational and scientific resources, and, if necessary, providing informal consultations to interested readers.
Currently, the University Library Fund consists of more than 10,000 print and digital units. This fund covers all the main fields of study offered by the university: business, economics, law, medicine, social sciences, humanities, technical sciences, and others.
For our library, it is a priority to make available to its readers the latest educational and scientific products, which provides open access to a number of electronic scientific databases.
The library is open to readers from Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 20:00, and Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00.

Phone number : (+995) (32) 2402946 (ext. 103)

At Alte University Library, you can get individual and/or group advice on library services, interlibrary loan services, use of scientific databases, bachelor's and master's theses, research projects, as well as other issues of interest to you.

  • For an individual consultation, you can contact the librarian during business hours;
  • Those interested in interlibrary loan services must complete the application form (see Appendix 1) Readers can request a maximum of 3 books at a time. The requested literature will be available to you within five days of the request;
  • Applicants for group consultations and/or training should complete the application form (see Annex 2)The time and place of the consultations will be agreed upon by the group members;

Application forms should be sent to the e-mail: 

Scientific database

  • The Open edition Journals - database includes more than 160 journals published by university publishers and small academic publishers in the humanities and social sciences. 80% of the magazines in the database are in French. However, it also includes English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese materials.
  • - is an open-access database that includes periodicals in the Social, Humanitarian, Political, Technical, and Legal fields.
  • - The Open Access Database integrates the list of open repositories in the world. With this database, you can search for open-access online repositories, browse the list of open repositories, and their statistics, and select the material you want.
  • - is an open-access scientific product search database where you can look for a resource, publication, book, data, databases, and so on.
  • To access databases, follow and register at the link
  • To access - resources, follow and sign up for the link.
  • - (Funding Institutional) follow and register at the link below.

  • Cambridge Journals Online - Includes Humanities and Social Sciences: Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics, Law, Management, Sociology, Psychology, Art, Mass Media, and Communication.
  • e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection - This includes areas: Art History, Cultural Studies, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Gender, International, Regional, and Religious research, and Theory of Sociology.
  • Edward Elgar Publishing Journals - there are presented Magazines about humanitarian and economic fields. Books on public and Social Governance, Corporate Governance, Migration, Infrastructure Development, intellectual property research.
  • European Respiratory Journal - The Direction of Clinical and Experimental Medicine: - there are Articles about Biological, Epidemiological, Immunological, Oncological, etc. directions. At this point, the journal impact factor is 12,339.
  • IMechE Journals - Presented by the publishing house on the SAGE platform. The main focus of the journals is mechanical engineering. Engineering journals in various fields.
  • Mathematical Sciences Publishers Journals - It includes 17 peer-reviewed journals in mathematics and related disciplines, majoring in Mathematics, Mechanics, and Engineering.
  • Open Book Publishers E-books - there are presented French-language journals in the humanities and social sciences direction. It also has an English language interface. A small number of articles are published in parallel in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Royal Society Journals Collection - The database is presented: Biological Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, and their related disciplines.
  • SAGE Journals - Scientific articles from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, and Medicine are presented.
Library Rules

The reader is obliged to get acquainted with the rules of service in the library and reading room and follow the above rules.

The librarian issues and receives books from the library, the library has a library search system -, and the reader must be registered in the university's electronic program as a student, academic, scientific, or administrative staff in order to use the electronic catalog. 

Membership in the library is a one-time event. A student who joins the undergraduate program retains the membership of the library even if they continue their studies in the master's program.

University alumni have the opportunity to make use of library resources and a reading room. Reader's membership is done electronically in the library's reader database. Removing a book from a library depends on the category of the book, the quantity, and the frequency with which it is requested.

The following may not be issued from the library:

  • A book that has only one copy in the library;
  • magazines and newspapers (periodicals);
  • Rare editions, old books;
  • recordings of audio and video;
  • Dictionaries;
  • Encyclopedias;
  • We will not be able to compete if we do not have enough points;
  • Manual-10 days if we do not have enough points;
  • 2 months of fiction
  • Other categories require 14–30 days to book. 

It is possible to take 3–4 books out of the library at the same time. The book is issued and received by the librarian through an electronic program. The program indicates the dates of book withdrawal and return. The reader is obliged to return the book within the specified timeframe unless deferment is possible. 

In the case of non-return of the book on time, the following conditions apply:

  • The reader can defer the return of the book by personal agreement with the librarian;
  • The return of the book can be postponed only if there is no demand for the book;

In the event of non-return, delay, or damage to the book, the following rules apply:

  • 14 days after the return of the book, the reader will no longer be able to use the library services;
  • A book that is withdrawn more than 30 days after its return date is automatically considered lost;
  • The reader is obliged to replace the lost copy with a copy of the same or similar subject;
  • If a person notices a late return of a book or relevant material, it is possible to waive the right to remove the relevant literature from the library, and students with debts will not be issued a diploma;

Note: The library administration may, as an exception, request the early return of the book and/or other material removed from the library. In such a case, the user is obliged to return the requested material within 24 hours of receiving the notification. Otherwise, the reader will be considered to be in debt and will be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Rules of conduct in the library reading room;

After using the book, it should be handed over to the librarian;

It is forbidden in the reading hall:

  • smoke;
  • Noise;
  • Damage to a book or other study material, or disobedience to these rules, will result in the termination of library membership for the subscriber and a fine.