Lifelong learning center

Alte University's Center for Lifelong Learning serves as a vital educational entity dedicated to fostering continuous knowledge acquisition, skill development, and competency enhancement beyond formal education, extending throughout one's lifetime and professional trajectory. Lifelong learning, characterized by its dynamic and adaptive nature, underscores the imperative for individuals to continually expand their knowledge and adapt to evolving personal and professional contexts.

The Lifelong Learning Center offers a spectrum of continuing education services to the general public, encompassing short-term, medium-term, and long-term training programs, as well as preparatory and certification courses.

Since its inception, the Center has meticulously planned and executed training courses that align closely with the contemporary and innovative needs of participants. These programs are meticulously crafted in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that each module delivers added value.

Course development is meticulously tailored by industry experts in collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring relevance and applicability.

A specialized program catering to graduates (Alumni) offers a valuable platform for fostering sectoral connections and knowledge sharing.

To date, the Lifelong Learning Center has successfully conducted nine training courses.

Through the support of the USAID Economic Security Program, the Center implemented the "Angular in Depth" certification course, wherein 35 participants from across Georgia received 90% funding for the training course fee. Twenty participants successfully completed the certification course and received certificates. To date, 80% of the participants have completed internships and secured employment opportunities.

In collaboration with Alte University and the "EADA Business School," the Center conducted the "Executive Training Program for Healthcare Managers" certification course. This program, attended by employees of "EVEX" and "MediClub," also welcomed students from Alte University's business master's program, with their course fees fully funded by the university. The certification course, comprising six modules, was conducted in a hybrid format, with two modules held in Tbilisi and Barcelona, and four conducted online.

In total, 168 individuals have participated in our courses.

Contact information: llc@alte.edu.ge