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University at a Glance

The word ‘ALTE’ itself means altitude, highest point, and represents the way of constant development. We believe that the years spent at university is the beginning of the great way called EDUCATION. In our opinion university is not an educational institution that should only share the knowledge with their students. Moreover, it must push their students to be successful and to reach new goals.

Within this long-term period, alte university will not be just another educational institution, but it will be life partner of its students and graduates to help them to find and to develop their unique skills, talents and possibilities that will make them exceptional.

Students of alte university simultaneously study, create and get practical experiences in the spheres they choose. And the gained knowledge is not just theoretical material that might be forgotten soon. Moreover, it is a unique experience which becomes the ground of their future success.

It should be noted that "Start-up Garage" was founded on the basis of the university, which helps interested people to implement innovative and important ideas.

Opportunities for each student:

  • Full tuition funding from "Endowment Fund" in the case of high academic achievement (if the student has GPA of 3.5 or more);
  • Promoting employment and internships through the active involvement of the student success division; 
  • Free Chinese language courses at the Confucius Institute;
  • Exchange programs and courses in leading Asian and European universities;
  • Active student life: Cultural and Art Clubs, Ideas Clubs, Leaders' Clubs, Language Clubs, Debate Clubs, Board Games Clubs, etc;

Partnership with different kind of organizations that will support our students and academic staff to develop and to gain more experience is of crucial importance for alte university. For that reason, our university is in exclusive strategic alliance with the largest healthcare provider in Georgia – “Evex” and Iv. Bokeria University Clinic is affiliated-clinic of alte university.

Alte University actively cooperates with Confucius Institute that gives our students the possibility to study Chinese for free and to take part in various exchange programs.

We have to mention memorandum of understanding between alte university and Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research that is one of the biggest educational institution in India. Its goal is very important for Georgian and International students of medicine: exchange students and faculty members of medical school, create joint programs in IT and Data Science; offer clinical practice for medical students in the respective hospitals in Georgia and India; organize joint academic conferences, seminars, workshops.

It should be noted that  Alte University officially announces signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Northeastern University and alte university. According to the memorandum, the institutions may explore cooperation in various educational activities, including Interaction of faculty, scholars, and students between Institutions; arranging joint training, seminars, webinars; educational program partnerships; joint development of curricula and academic projects; collaboration in academic publications and other materials of mutual interest based on the aforementioned activities.

Alte university also collaborates with the Erasmus Program, which gives our students opportunities of taking part in various exchange programs across Europe.

All academic programs of alte university are accredited by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.


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