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School of Law

The School of Law offers undergraduate and graduate programs in law, which focus on equipping students with thorough theoretical knowledge and developing practical skills. The School of Law focuses on the development of professional and personal responsibility, professional growth and study, as well as the motivation to uphold the norms of professional ethics and establish values so that future professionals can understand, analyze, implement and conduct practical work in their practical activities. and full realization of opportunities and career advancement as a result of successful activities.

The School of Law, with its 20-year history, aims to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills relevant to labor market requirements to be successfully employed in the private or public sector. The School of Law offers students the opportunity to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge through teaching methods of modern standards, interesting lectures given by highly qualified practicing lecturers, active collaboration with numerous partner organizations, and involvement in research projects and simulated processes.

In the teaching process, great attention is paid to the development of skills for the application of theoretical knowledge in practice. The university has a simulated courtroom. There is also a Law and Economics Center focused on both local and international scientific research. In addition, the student has the opportunity to deepen practical knowledge on the basis of memorandums signed with various organizations. In the School of Law, special attention is paid to the highly qualified reading of the lecture course by the lecturers as well as to their practical and scientific research activities. University professors are well-known specialists, and their professionalism is recognized not only in Georgia but also abroad.

The university has all the conditions for students to master legal education and make the best use of their abilities, which will help you to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, various ways of solving problems, and, most importantly, the environment that is important for the free development of students.
School of Law


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Law (MA)


Management Academic Staff

Ketevan Tskhadadze

Dean of Law School

Mariam osadze

Manager of Law School
Learning course: Legal English, labour law

Goga Kikilashvili

Member of the Independent Board of the High School of Justice, Associate Professor
Learning course: General Administrative Law, Civil Law

Ketevan Tskhadadze

Dean of the School of Law, Professor
Learning course: Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms

Nana Mchedlidze

Expert of the non-governmental organization "Rights of Georgia", Associate professor
Learning course: Procedural Skills in Criminal Law (Practical Course)

Natia Mogeladze

Founder and managing partner of the legal company "Legal line", Associate professor
Learning course: Personal Data Protection Law

Nika Asvanua

Adviser to the Independent Inspector of the High Council of Justice on Administrative Law, Assistant professor
Learning course: Introduction to Civil Law, Family and Inheritance Law

David Imnadze

Notary Chamber of Georgia, notary, Professor