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The undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration and Tourism Administration develop diversified knowledge specialists in the field of management, which significantly increases their employment opportunities. The school's management and academic staff constantly strive to establish high standards of education based on the implementation of innovative and effective management, permanently update the teaching methodology, develop educational programs, and create the best learning environment for the students.

The goal of the School of Business is to train development-oriented bachelors and masters with development-minded entrepreneurship who will be globally competitive. Our graduates will have in-depth knowledge and transfer skills in marketing, management, finance, and entrepreneurship, in order to be able to create their own successful businesses, as well as make a significant contribution to the development of existing companies.
Our school offers students the opportunity to study the specifics of entrepreneurship from the very first semester, the opportunity to develop and implement a business idea through a start-up garage, and the opportunity to receive in-house funding and scholarships.

The business school is world-renowned for sharing professional experience and maximizing national peculiarities to serve the training of professional staff.
Business school programs focus on enhancing the internship component and using learning methods that develop professional skills.

It is noteworthy that school students undergo professional internships under the guidance of qualified specialists in various public and private structures who are also their potential employers.
It is also important that our students gain knowledge and experience by sharing similar programs at Western universities and by visiting foreign professors from our partner universities. Students have the opportunity to study foreign languages in order to be able to use foreign-language literature effectively in the process of learning and practical activities. 
Our strengths are research-based teaching, developing partnerships with advanced educational institutions, and promoting student and teacher mobility in the international educational space.
About Business School


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Business Administration Program (MBA)


Management Academic Staff

Natia Nasrashvili

Dean of the Business School

Nana Chanturia

Deputy Dean of Business School
Learning course: Team Entrepreneurship Program 1, Team Entrepreneurship Program 2

Vasil Revishvili

Managing Partner of Thales Investments, Professor
Learning course: Product Design, Organizational Change Management

Tornike Matitashvili

Philip Morris International Innovative Approach Specialist, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Leadership

Nana Mikashavidze

Founder/director of the company Wizard, Professor
Learning course: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics

Lika Goderdzishvili

ACT Portfolio Lead, Senior Consultant, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Organizational Behavior

Anna Kardanakhishvili

Trainer at Evex Hospitals, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Basics of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications

Natia Meparishvili

Marketing and Communications Expert, EU Georgia Expert, Associate Professor
Learning course: Fundamentals of Strategic Management, Project Management (English)

Maia Guntsadze

International Development Programs Advisor, Professor
Learning course: Business Law

Goga Kikilashvili

LEPL High School of Justice - Member of the Independent Board, Associate Professor
Learning course: Financial Derivatives

Mariam Meghvinetukhutsesi

Member of the BOG Supervisory Board, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Event Planning and Project Management in Tourism

Ucha Varamashvili

International Organization Mercy Corps Project Director, Assistant Professor
Learning course: New Trends in the Hospitality Industry, Crisis Management in Hosting

Nutsa Tseruashvili

Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Tourism Policy, Agrotourism

Nodar Samkharadze

Learning course: Human Capital Management in Hospitality

Nino Mesablishvili

CMC - Director of Business and Organizational Development, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Revenue Management in Hosting

Natia Bobghiashvili

Cluster Director of Revenue Management - Courtyard by Marriott and Moxy Hotel, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Event Planning and Project Management in Tourism

Maka Kubusidze

Founder of Click Events, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Hosting

Elene Chkheidze

CSR Expert, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Sustainability and social responsibility in hosting

Gvantsa Mirziashvili

Wolt Georgia, Support Team Leader, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Protocol and Etiquette, Catering Management and Control, Investing in the Hospitality Industry

Ketevan Bokuchava

M-group Operating Director, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Leadership

Nanuka Mzhavanadze

M-group Business Development Director, Invited Lecturer