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The Master of Laws program focuses on preparing a Master's student to develop the knowledge and skills, responsibilities, and autonomy required for the regulated profession of law and to practice law.

The Master of Laws program provides the graduate with modern legal education in line with the achievements and trends of national and foreign law, as well as the interrelationships of international and national law. Competencies related to the academic degree of Master of Law are developed on the basis of the synthesis of various theoretical, scientific, and practical components provided by the Master's program. Elective courses in order to overcome the mandatory components and interests are selected according to the curriculum of the master's program in the second semester of teaching.

The Master of Laws gives the opportunity to work in any position where a Master of Laws degree is required and it is not necessary to pass the state certification exam.

Master of Law is the qualification to be awarded

Language of Instruction: Georgian language

Duration of study: 4 semesters (120 credits)

Program structure:

  • Compulsory component - 30 credits
  • Elective component - 30 credits
  • Practice - 30 credits
  • Master's thesis - 30 credits

Admission requirements for the Master of Laws program are:

  • Passing general master exams.
  • Passing in-university exams - Law and English (B2 level).

Name, Surname: Ketevan Tskadadze

Position: Dean Of The School Of Law 

Tel: (+995 32) 2402946(* 502)

Email: K.Tskadadze@Alte.Edu.Ge 

Academic Staff

Learning course: Comparative Administrative Law, Public Service and Professional Ethics

Ketevan Tskhadadze

Dean of the School of Law, Professor
Learning course: Negotiation and Mediation

Alexandre Tsuladze

Georgia's Supreme Court Justice, Associate Professor
Learning course: Litigation in International Human Rights Law

Nana Mchedlidze

Expert of the non-governmental organization "Rights of Georgia", Associate professor
Learning course: Judicial Ethics, Decision-Making Methodology and Standards of Substantiation

Alexandre Iashvili

Judge of the Criminal Cases Panel of the Tbilisi City Court, Associate Professor
Learning course: Public Law

Zurab Aznaurashvili

High Council of Justice of Georgia independent inspector, Assistant professor
Learning course: Practical Application of International Humanitarian Law

Natia Kalandarishvili - Muller

International expert in humanitarian law, Professor
Learning course: Trends and perspectives of the development of European criminal law

Archil Shekhlashvili

Head of the National Department of Europol of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, professor