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Business Administration Program (MBA)

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The Master of Business Administration program is part of the Alte University School of Business. The goal of the mentioned school is to prepare bachelors and masters with development-oriented and entrepreneurial thinking skills, who will be globally competitive in both the local and international employment markets.

The Master of Business Administration will have in-depth knowledge and transferable skills in marketing, management, finance, and entrepreneurship in order to be able to create and manage a successful business, as well as contribute significantly to the development of existing companies.

The key aspect of the program

The program offers:

  • Opportunity to acquire a new profession;
  • A unique opportunity to expand the network of contacts;
  • Curriculum that is based on modern approaches and adapted to individual interests;
  • Promotion of employment or career advancement through the network of contacts of the founders of the university, the advisory board (Advisory Board), and more than 200 partner organizations;
  • Starting your own business with the support of professionals and using the services of the Start-up Garage;
  • Participation in exchange programs;

The components of the master's program are aimed at achieving the goals set in the program and developing the master's competencies as a result of the study. The logical sequence and evolution of the formation of achievable competencies determine the content of the master program, its structure, and curriculum.

Qualification Awarded: Master of Business Administration

The master's program includes 120 credits covering the required and elective components.

Compulsory components amount to 95 credits;

  • Courses in mandatory training—60 credits
  • Master's Thesis-25 credits

The elective component includes 35 credits;  

The student chooses 7 subjects from the elective subjects. The recommended workload is 6 subjects per semester, except for the 4th semester, during which the student is mainly focused on working on a master's thesis.

See the curriculum of the master's program in business administration at the link.

Admission Requirements for Business Master's Program

  • Have a bachelor's degree or equivalent Academic degree
  • Passing the Common Master's Degree
  • Proficiency in English (B2 level) as evidenced by English language test results / Certificate of Appropriate Level
  • At least two years of managerial experience is required.

Number of students to enroll: 60

Annual fee: 2900 GEL

Name, Surname: Nana Chanturia

Position: Deputy Dean of the School of Business


Academic Staff

Learning course: Investment Management

Vasil Revishvili

Managing Partner of Thales Investments, Professor
Learning course: Managerial Economics

Lika Goderdzishvili

ACT Senior Consultant, leading economist, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Organizational Behavior

Natia Meparishvili

Marketing and Communications Expert, EU Georgia Expert, Associate Professor
Learning course: Leadership Mastery

Nana Mikashavidze

Founder/director of the company Wizard, Professor
Learning course: Project Management

Maia Guntsadze

International Development Programs Advisor, Professor
Learning course: Corporate Finance, Personal Investment Management

Zurab Pichkhaia

Founder of, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: Corporate Governance, Ethics and Behavioral Psychology

Mariam Meghvinetukhutsesi

Member of the BOG Supervisory Board, Invited Lecturer
Learning course: strategic management

Vano Baliashvili

Business consultant, Invited lecturer
Learning course: Provider Payment Systems and Policy

Sofio Aspanidze

Director of the Caucasus Medical Center, Invited lecturer
Learning course: Design Thinking and Creativity

Dan Cogan

Entrepreneur, Invited lecturer
Learning course: Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications

Giorgi Barkalaia