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There is a growing demand in modern business for specialists who have the necessary theoretical knowledge, can analyze current events and processes in global business, can make optimal decisions in rapidly changing environments, have developed emotional intelligence, are leaders and work effectively in teams, have creative thinking ability, and can navigate the digital world.

the purpose of the program 

The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration program is to provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed for entrepreneurship, leadership, business administration, strategy development, marketing, finance, etc; Prepare globally competitive bachelors with a constantly evolving creative mindset and charge that will grow or expand their own or someone else’s business and create added value, both for themselves and for society and the world.

Learning methods 

The program is implemented using learning methods such as lecture, verbal, written, individual, and group work methods, situational games, information-communication technologies, book work method, discussion/debate, demonstration method, explanatory method, action-oriented teaching, mental attack Method, problem-based learning (PBL), practical training, participation in research project (s), etc.

key aspect of the program

the program offers 

  • A variety of subjects, including Entrepreneurship, Micro / Macro Economics, Information Technology, Finance, Project Management, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, Psychology of Success, Public Speaking Techniques, Team Building, Fundamentals of Strategic Management, Fundamentals of Investment, Fintech, Social Media, Marketing, Conflict Management Psychology, Design Thinking, Speech, etc ;
  • Elective modules in Finance, Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship;
  • Through the university's start-up garage, there is a real opportunity to develop and implement a business idea;
  • completing internships in leading organizations;
  • Workshops, thematic seminars, meetings with invited guests, etc ;
  • Involvement in research;

Learning outcomes 

 Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Assess the business's internal and external environments; develop internal organizational, financial, and marketing plans based on existing theories and best practices in the field;
  • Examine and evaluate business and economic challenges and opportunities;
  • Generate new ideas, solve real business tasks;
  • Create, grow and expand their own or someone else's business;
  • Effectively formulate and convey meaning for written and oral communication using context-appropriate technologies;
  • Work effectively in a team: show flexibility, take an active part in sensible job planning and redistribution; Influence team members as leaders and develop emotional intelligence; Empathize with the needs of team members and help them achieve a common goal; Respect the opinion of others;
  • Think critically: use information, data, facts, and verified sources when arguing, verify facts before reacting;
  • Understand the global and social context of business and act ethically and responsibly;

Qualifications Awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration

Credit / Duration: 240 credits / 4 years

Language of Instruction: Georgian

Program structure:

    • Compulsory University Courses: 50 credits
    • Compulsory specialty courses: 105 credits
    • Specialty elective courses: 70 credits
    • Free courses: 15 credits

    Admission is based on passing the Unified National Examinations and also in accordance with other rules established by the legislation of Georgia; Also, a student may be enrolled in the program without passing the Unified National Examinations, by the legislation of Georgia.

    Subjects to be submitted: Georgian language and literature; Any foreign language; History or Mathematics
    Number of students to enroll : 150
    Annual fee: 2250 GEL

    Graduates of the Alte University Business Administration Program will be able to start their own business or be employed in various managerial or intermediate management positions:

    • In private organizations;
    • In public organizations;
    • In international organizations;
    • In the financial sector;
    • In auditing and consulting organizations;

    Contact number: 032 240 29 46/48

    Please follow the link below and: fill out a registration form to be interviewed by a university representative.

    Will students be able to participate in exchange programs?

    Students of the Alte University Bachelor of business administration program can participate in exchange programs announced by partner universities in Europe, Asia, and the Caucasus.

    • We actively cooperate with the Erasmus + program;
    • We have the Confucius Institute, which gives each student the opportunity to study Chinese for free and receive 100% funding for studying in China;

    What funding opportunities do Alte University students have?

    • Grant issued by the University;
    • Scholarship;

    In what cases does the student receive a scholarship?

    In order for a student to be eligible to receive a scholarship, they must have high academic standing and be actively involved in student conferences, research, projects, and cultural and sporting events on behalf of the university.

    What is the difference between a university grant and a scholarship?

    • Grant- A grant awarded by a university is different from a grant awarded by the state as a result of the Unified National Examinations and is an additional opportunity for each student. The grant is awarded by the University Foundation with the aim of increasing access to quality education and promoting research in the educational sphere., each student who will have a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of the semester will be fully funded for each subsequent semester.
    • Scholarship - Details can be found at the link.

    Academic Staff

    Learning course: Team Entrepreneurship Program 1, Team Entrepreneurship Program 2

    Vasil Revishvili

    Managing Partner of Thales Investments, Professor
    Learning course: Product Design, Organizational Change Management

    Tornike Matitashvili

    Philip Morris International Innovative Approach Specialist, Invited Lecturer
    Learning course: Leadership

    Nana Mikashavidze

    Founder/director of the company Wizard, Professor
    Learning course: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics

    Lika Goderdzishvili

    ACT Portfolio Lead, Senior Consultant, Invited Lecturer
    Learning course: Organizational Behavior

    Anna Kardanakhishvili

    Trainer at Evex Hospitals, Invited Lecturer
    Learning course: Basics of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications

    Natia Meparishvili

    Marketing and Communications Expert, EU Georgia Expert, Associate Professor
    Learning course: Fundamentals of Strategic Management, Project Management (English)

    Maia Guntsadze

    International Development Programs Advisor, Professor
    Learning course: Business Law

    Goga Kikilashvili

    LEPL High School of Justice - Member of the Independent Board, Associate Professor
    Learning course: Financial Derivatives

    Mariam Meghvinetukhutsesi

    Member of the BOG Supervisory Board, Invited Lecturer
    Learning course: Leadership

    Nanuka Mzhavanadze

    M-group Business Development Director, Invited Lecturer