Alte University


Our mission is to give students the full knowledge and all the skills they need to create added value in the long run, both for themselves and for the community in which they live.

Alte University's vision is to be one of the best educational institutions for quality education, scientific research, and professional skills development, both in the country and in the region, and to become a center of attraction not only for Georgian but also for international students.


Entrepreneurship - Instead of adapting to reality, constantly striving for change, a vision beyond existing boundaries.

Innovation - Constantly on the lookout for a novel, creative, and effective ideas.

Honesty - Taking responsibility for our actions and conducting activities through justice, trust, sincerity, and respect.

Striving for perfection - As we seek development opportunities and strive for new challenges, let us be the best at what we do.

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If you could not find the information you were looking for, send us a letter, mention the field you are interested in and get detailed information from the representative of Alte University.