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Master's program Admission

Those wishing to pass the common master exam in 2022 will be selected by only one type of test. The test will still consist of 4 Parts: reading comprehension, analytical writing, logical reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. See the common master's exam Guide

The competition for enrollment in the master's program is open to anyone from any profession who exceeds the minimum competency threshold for the common master's exams in at least 3 of the 4 parts of the examination test. On the other hand, Alte University does not specify a higher level of competence in any part of the test and does not specify which three parts of the test must be exceeded.

It should be noted that having a bachelor's degree in law is a prerequisite for enrollment in the master of laws program.

Acceptance of documents (administrative registration) for those wishing to enroll in the master's program of Alte University is carried out from August 22 to September 16, in two stages:

  • First stage: August 22 - September 5
  • Second stage: September 9 - 16

A master's candidate who has successfully passed the common master's exam will apply to the university for enrollment and submit the following documents:

  • Application for enrollment (see attached file)
  • Copy of ID card
  • Autobiography (CV)
  • Color photograph 1 piece, size 3 X 4
  • printed and an electronic version on disk
  • Copy of military registration certificate (for boys)
  • Diploma notarized copy 
  • Diploma Supplement (Copy)
  • An extract of the results of the common master's examinations

To be admitted to the Master's program in National and International Security, Business Administration, and Law, it is necessary for the candidate to successfully pass an interview with the members of the commission to confirm professional knowledge and English language proficiency (B2 level).

Documents are accepted Monday through Friday (10:00-18:00) at University St. # 2 (Alte University Campus). You can also send documents to the email address

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